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To be a socially-responsible global provider of packaging products and services committed...


To nurture social responsibility and sustainable development by continuously investing in...


Our products are certified with MSDS, RoHS and specification data, which can guarantee...

Our Packaging Solutions


Semiconductor custom packaging is a key component of the semiconductor.


The automotive industry is a pioneer in designing packaging to optimize.

Consumer Goods

Dealing with the perishables right from farms, or food and beverage processing plants, is a key part of any packaging process.

Design and Customize

If you have a unique packaging requirement, we at Nihon Globalplas are happy to consider designing to your needs. Alternatively, if you already have a customised packaging design, we will look into how we can accommodate you. Please describe your needs in the submission box on the right or you can upload an image file as a reference, or do both. We will respond to you with a quotation and minimum order quantity.

Have Any Query

Feel free to ask any query relating to your packaging needs.