About Us

A Leading Customer Centric Packaging Company

Established since 2006, Nihon Globalplas Co., Ltd. is a specialist in packaging, static control and cleanroom products. Our quality products and services are supplied to the most critical sectors including Semiconductor, Automotive, Consumer Goods and related industries.

Our commitment isn’t just to match our clients packaging needs, it’s to exceed them in every other way – in price, delivery and service and ever importantly is to keep them environmental friendly. Our excellent relationships with our clients give us the confidence to pursue greater goals each year. This is our conviction, our continuous effort to address and represent the products of our manufacturing partners in using our high quality offerings which set us apart from the rest. When it comes to packaging, we simply don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ solution. We’re always looking at ways to push the limits of what’s possible – either through innovation, or improved ideas to use existing materials to carry out our clients’ packaging challenges. Here at Nihon Globalplas, we are dedicated to having Packaging Reimagined!



To be a socially-responsible global provider of packaging products and services committed to safe, clean and sustainable processes and product development.



To nurture social responsibility and sustainable development by continuously investing in modern and environmentally-friendly technologies. We use eco-friendly materials to demonstrate our care for the society…Read More
Nihon Globals Co., Ltd. is proud of her extensive range of high-quality products in the domestic markets of Thailand as well as Asia region. Our success is based on strong product development, unmatched combination of quality materials, purchasing convenience and comprehensive support services. We source for materials that have minimal impact on our environment….Less



Our products are certified with MSDS, RoHS and specification data, which can guarantee the quality and effect on the ecosystem. The distribution and representation of products from our branded manufacturing partners further add backing to our customers locally and world-wide. LET’S START DESIGN AND CUSTOMIZE