The automotive industry is a pioneer in designing packaging to optimize space utilization. For example, space utilization is a key component for the automotive industry, focusing on shipping more parts in the least amount of space. Our broad range of specialty resins and packaging materials lets the customers do more with less. They inspire creative solutions and help reduce the environmental footprint associated with packaging products and processes.

Nihon Globalplas aims to provide the best packaging solutions to help with maximizing space utilization vs quantity of parts in a safe and cost-effective manner. With a vast amount of experience in tailor made packaging in the automotive industry, Nihon Globalplas expert team can help you with whatever your needs are from packaging delicate automotive parts to more bulky parts.

Automotive & Extras


Semi Conductors

Semiconductor custom packaging is a key component of the semiconductor manufacturing process. Packaging is undertaken to provide protection against impact, electrostatic discharge (ESD), and contamination for integrated….. LEARN MORE


Consumer Goods

Dealing with perishables right from farms, or food and beverage processing plants, is a key part of any packaging process. Utilizing the right packaging is essential in delivering the freshest, best-looking and safest products to your customers…. LEARN MORE