Semi Conductor

Semiconductor custom packaging is a key component of the semiconductor manufacturing process. Packaging is undertaken to provide protection against impact, electrostatic discharge (ESD), and contamination for integrated circuits and electronic components. We provide custom or standard cleanroom materials, IC tubes, carrier tapes, moisture barrier bags, and static shielding bags idea for semiconductor packaging.

With an extensive semi-conductor packaging experience and track records. Together with Nihon ISO 9001 certification, which help to deliver unparalleled quality in all our products. We provide a high quality and cost-effective ways to help our clients in delivering protective packaging solutions.



The automotive industry is a pioneer in designing packaging to optimize space utilization. For example, space utilization is a key component for the automotive industry, focusing on shipping more parts in the least amount of space....


Consumer Goods

Dealing with the perishables right from farms, or food and beverage processing plants, is a key part of any packaging process. Utilizing the right packaging is essential in delivering the freshest, best-looking and safest products to your customers....